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Nurturing Education: B&M Foundation's Adventist School Visit in Port Margot - June 10, 2021

On a sunny June 10, 2021, the B&M Foundation's Haiti team set out for an Adventist school in Port Margot, embracing our core value of education for all. This visit showcased our shared dedication to fostering learning opportunities.

A United Focus on Education

The Adventist school visit exemplified our ongoing commitment to quality education. As we arrived at the school, the atmosphere was vibrant with the essence of growth and exploration. This common goal unified our team and the school's educators, reinforcing our collective determination to nurture a brighter future.

Connecting with Driven Students

Stepping into classrooms, we met with enthusiastic students who eagerly shared their projects and stories. Their excitement underscored the significance of our work in education. These interactions reaffirmed our belief in the fundamental role education plays in shaping young minds.

Holistic Growth: Beyond the Classroom

Our commitment extended beyond the school walls. While exploring the school's surroundings, we explored ways to support extracurricular activities, improve facilities, and contribute to the overall development of the students. Our aim is to empower students by fostering an environment that nurtures every aspect of their growth.

Looking Ahead: Building Momentum

The visit to the Adventist school reflects our ongoing commitment to education's transformative impact. Moving forward, our focus remains on turning inspiration into actionable steps. By collaborating with educators and ensuring access to essential resources, we're dedicated to equipping every child with the tools they need for a brighter tomorrow.


For more insights into our educational initiatives and how you can contribute to our mission, visit Together, we're fostering education and paving the path for a future filled with potential.

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