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Empowering Change: B&M Foundation's Collaborative Training with Fonkoze - February 22-26, 2021

In the spirit of collaboration and empowerment, the B&M Foundation's Haiti team embarked on a transformative partnership with Fonkoze, a trailblazing organization dedicated to fostering financial inclusion and catalyzing development in Haiti. From February 22nd to 26th, 2021, a four-day training session marked the beginning of a powerful alliance aimed at uplifting communities and empowering individuals across the nation.

Uniting for Progress: The Fonkoze Family

Fonkoze, with its profound commitment to alleviating poverty through financial and non-financial services, has been a beacon of hope for over 28 years. Comprising Fonkoze Financial Services, Fonkoze Foundation, and Fonkoze USA, this family of organizations has worked tirelessly to provide Haitians, particularly women, with the tools and resources to break the cycle of poverty and transform their lives.

Four Days of Empowerment: Knowledge Exchange

The four-day training session marked a pivotal moment in our collaboration with Fonkoze. Drawing on their extensive expertise, we engaged in knowledge exchange, discovering new avenues to create meaningful change. Together, we delved into a wide range of topics, from financial literacy and entrepreneurship to community engagement and sustainable development.

Bridging Expertise: A Two-Way Learning Journey

As B&M Foundation's Haiti team and Fonkoze came together, it was a testament to the power of collective knowledge. While we shared insights on community dynamics and the unique challenges faced by the individuals we serve, Fonkoze brought forth their comprehensive approach to financial inclusion. This exchange was a bridge between expertise, where two organizations joined forces to elevate their impact.

Fostering Sustainability and Empowerment

With Fonkoze's guidance, our team explored strategies for sustainable community development, financial empowerment, and holistic progress. This collaborative effort laid the groundwork for future initiatives that would have a lasting positive impact on the lives of countless Haitians.

A Shared Vision for Change

The partnership with Fonkoze embodies a shared vision for a brighter Haiti. By combining forces, the B&M Foundation and Fonkoze recognized the potential to amplify their efforts and drive change at a larger scale. The four days of training were not just a single event; they marked the beginning of an enduring alliance aimed at creating a more equitable and empowered future for all.

Looking Forward

The training session with Fonkoze has set the stage for an exciting journey ahead. The knowledge gained, the connections forged, and the strategies explored are seeds that will flourish into impactful initiatives. As we move forward together, our shared commitment to empowering communities and fostering positive change remains unwavering.


To learn more about our partnership with Fonkoze and how you can contribute to our mission, visit Together, we're creating pathways to progress and shaping a more empowered tomorrow.



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