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Empowering change for a better tomorrow

Our Vision: Empowering children through education to build a brighter future for all.

Our main focus is on education and business, we believe that education and business are the keys to break the cycle of poverty and give children and families the tools they need to succeed. 

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Scholars Update

Esther (12th grader)

Guerlyne Bellzaire (School Principal)

Woudlyn (10th grader)

Chedayna (6th grader)



My name is Wooselande, I come from a single-parent household and share a home with my mother and four siblings. My mother's income is unstable and it hinders me from pursuing further studies. With the support of B&M Foundation, I could turn my dream of becoming a cosmetologist into a reality. I am eternally grateful for any assistance provided.

Michaelle Foto.png


I am Michaelle, aged 19, currently in the 11th grade. I reside with my parents and three siblings. Due to the instability of my parents' employment, there are times when even the school expenses become a challenge to cover. This situation has led to instances where my report card remains with the school due to financial constraints. My goal is to complete high school and extend a helping hand to my struggling family. I extend my gratitude to the B and M Foundation staff for considering me worthy of assistance in pursuing my education.



I am the eldest in my family of four, my parents and my younger sister. My father's illness prevents him from working and my mother's income alone is not enough to support us. My financial support for my agriculture studies was withdrawn and I am in danger of not being able to complete my program. B&M Foundation's support would be greatly appreciated and will help me achieve my goal of finishing my studies by next year.

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