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Strengthening Bonds: B&M Foundation's Collaboration in Haiti Relief Effort Drive - August 28, 2021

In the wake of Haiti's recent challenges, the B&M Foundation took a significant step toward support and solidarity. On August 28, 2021, we joined forces with Kann Caribbean Kitchen and District 6 Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin to contribute to a Haiti Relief Effort drive. This partnership saw us donating 21 boxes of crucial medical supplies, forging connections, and demonstrating our commitment to making a positive impact both in our local community and in Haiti.

Answering the Call for Help

August 14th, 2021, marked another devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, leaving its communities grappling with the aftermath. The impact was felt deeply, even among our own students, some of whom faced homelessness due to the catastrophe. As an organization rooted in compassion and action, we understood the urgent need to extend support and aid to those affected.

Uniting for Haiti Relief

The Haiti Relief Effort drive, led by Kann Caribbean Kitchen and in partnership with former District 6 Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin, emerged as a beacon of hope. Our joint efforts were a demonstration of solidarity and a resounding message that we stand together in times of crisis. By contributing 21 boxes filled with essential medical supplies, we aimed to provide practical relief to those facing the aftermath of the earthquake.

Forging Connections: Local and Global Impact

Through this collaborative initiative, a remarkable connection was formed with Commissioner Victoria Siplin and Orange County. This partnership extended beyond immediate relief efforts, laying the foundation for ongoing cooperation. The connection we established holds the promise of amplifying our impact both locally and in Haiti, setting the stage for meaningful change and support.

Strengthening Bonds, Making a Difference

The Haiti Relief Effort drive highlighted our unwavering commitment to being a force for good. The boxes of medical supplies we donated were more than tangible items; they symbolized hope, unity, and resilience. The connection formed with Commissioner Siplin and Orange County opened doors to new opportunities for collaboration, ensuring that our efforts extend beyond the immediate crisis.

A Shared Commitment to Compassion

As we look ahead, the B&M Foundation remains steadfast in our mission to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities. The Haiti Relief Effort drive served as a reminder that our reach goes beyond borders, and our compassion knows no limits. By joining hands with partners who share our commitment, we're not only building bridges but also creating pathways to lasting change.


For more information about our initiatives and ways you can contribute, visit Together, we're turning compassion into action and creating a brighter future for all.



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