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Say hello to Naica who lives in terrible poverty in Northern Haiti. She lives in a tiny home with no running water or electricity. Naica's mother works odd jobs to try and provide for Naica and her 5 siblings. In a good month, her mother can make up to $35. At night, Naica sleeps on the floor on the cold concrete floor, putting her at even greater risk of illness and disease.  

Naica looks so gentle and innocent, but her eyes tell a story of hardship and pain. When we visited her in Haiti; it was easy to see how the illness of her father deeply affected her. She shyly revealed to us how she can be somebody great someday. ​

Click here to see the conditions Naica and her family live in.

​$25 monthly or a one time gift of $300 will assist Naica to stay in school.


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