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This is Fenelson, who lives in terrible poverty in North West Haiti.  He lives in a tiny home with no running water or electricity.  Fenelson's father is the sole provider without a steady job and he is struggling to provide for Fenelson and his 6 siblings. At night, Fenelson  sleeps on the floor on a shabby concrete floor, putting him at even greater risk of illness and disease.

Kids like Fenelson need support now, during their critical developmental years. It’s hard to catch up when they spend the first years of their life lacking basic needs, social opportunities and emotional support. What kind of future does Fenelson have ahead of him?

Fortunately, there is hope for kids like him. That hope is you. You can help provide for a child like him with education and life skills right when he needs them. So he can grow up strong and empowered.

$25 monthly or a one time gift of $250 will assist Fenelson to stay in school.

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