​"B" for "Blessed" and "M" for "Mentored". We want the Haitian individuals and communities that we work with to come away from their experience with us being tangibly blessed and mentored, for a better life tomorrow. We are Sons and Daughters of Haiti, and we desperately desire to give back to the home that shaped us into the people we are today.

​Our developmental approach is a pairing of education and livelihood. We want our clients to be educated in a way that promotes them to work, and to work in a way that allows them to further their education. That is why we are beginning a self-sustainable business plan to support the education of young people, so that they will be able to not only receive an education, but promptly be ready to earn and income upon graduation. Phase one of the project is a Poultry farm in La Plaine, that will eventually support 16 jobs, and generate the income necessary to begin our project to construct a vocational school in the heart of the country.